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Guided Bicycle Tours.

What to bring. HT4 suggest you bring your camera, sun screen, and water. Wear seasonally appropriate clothing (not too loose) and sneakers. For some tours your swimsuit/trunks are encouraged. For added safety, please bring a helmet, otherwise you will be required to sign a waiver.

Easy. Our tours are lead by an agent and given at a relaxing pace. Most of the trail is flat except for the bridge paths, (on some tours) with limited street riding. Several stops are scheduled to learn about the sites, enjoy the fun FAQ and take pictures. Our tours are family-friendly and includes time to explore the sites on foot. We stop for refreshments along the tour. See the tour descriptions for each location for more information.

Road Rules. Please ride safely and obey the rules of the road at all times. HT4 can accommodate all different sizes and ages with our wide selection of bicycles.

Safe. The tour routes are designed with safety in mind and avoid automobile traffic when possible. Each tour begins with a light stretch and bicycle safety usage talk.

Includes. The cost of the tour includes a comfortable bike, entrance into some of the venues and (on some tours) a bottle of water.

Tour Times. We request that you arrive 15 minutes before your tour to fill out our waiver form and be fitted for your bicycle.

Cancellation. High winds, thunderstorms, excessive heat or cold, or other severe conditions may cause your tour to be cancelled for safety concerns. In the event of a cancellation, you may either reschedule or request a full refund.

Reservations. Reservations may be rescheduled at any time, depending on availability. Refunds for cancelled tours are available with 48-hour notice. Credit card refunds will be accessed a 10% service fee.

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