White Forest
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HT4 provides eco-adventure group tours to conventions, VIP tours, company outings, parties, family gatherings, special events, camps and many other celebrations and occasions. The 4 tour options are very varied, all include an intriguing history, fun FAQ and HT4 is just about the scenic beauty while riding the distance.

Our friendly tour guides have the training and experience to make your group ride an unforgettable event. We have Spanish speaking guides. Prices determined by request.

- Oleta River State Park

- Rented canoe and kayak trips through Mangroves

- Chartered Boat Ride through Nature Center

- Catered Lunches

- Naturalist Tour Guide

Special New Event Tours

special tours & biking parties

Educational Bike Tours:

- High Schools

- College & Universities

- Camps

Tour Bus Specials

Corporate Outings

— Business Team Building

— Educational

Parties and Custom Rides:

— Birthday Parties

— Showers

— Anniversaries

— Bike Scavenger Hunts

— Architectural Rides

— Custom Rides

— Distance Rides

FAM and Introductory Tours

- Picnics Lunches & Barbeques

- Dania Jai-Alai

- International Game Fish Association (IGFA)

- International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHoF)


Group Tours in Hollywood & Dania

Location Tour Options:

Hollywood Trails:

Eco-Adventure KEWL Bicycle Tours

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