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HT3: City of the Arts

PAY NOW for your 6-mile bike tour to historic downtown to enjoy museum style galleries, eclectic art shops, singing trees and lots More> PRICE: $45 Adult | $29 Child<13

HT1: Historic Architecture, Mob Bosses & Movie Locations

PAY NOW for your tour of beautiful neighbourhoods made famous by movies and Mob Bosses and check out historic architecture from the 1920s, 30s and 40s... More>

PRICE: $45 Adult | $29 Child<13

HT2: ECO-Mangroves (Short)

(Short): PAY NOW for your 7.5 mile bike ride through Anne Kolbe nature conservatory and a historic pier in the City of Dania... More> PRICE: $45 Adult | $29 Child<13

... or keep going on your extended tour, biking another 7.5 miles through mangroves, sea-almonds and sea-oats to next to crystal blue water.

PRICE: $55 Adult | $29 Child<13


PAY NOW for your hardcore tour, biking 27 miles to a combination of all the tours above: HT1, HT2 & HT3. More> PRICE: $65 Adult | NO Children

ht4 hardcore eco bike tour

HT4: Hardcore Eco Bike Tour

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