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Trail 4: HardCore ECO-Bike Tour

The best way to discover Hollywood and enjoy biking and the outdoors is on this tour. On our guided tour we travel 27-miles over 3 hours that include all the other tours: history, culture, nature, architecture, beach fun and great times. Starting on the beach, riding to the Anne Kolb Nature Conservatory, the Dania Pier and John U Lloyd State Park we stop for a quick dip in the ocean to stay cool in the Florida heat.

The tour continues through the Lakes historic neighborhood, stopping for refreshments along the way in the downtown as we pass the ArtsPark and Art and Culture Center of Hollywood along the way. The Hardcore ECO-adventure Bike tour is an easy ride filled with fun for adults with strong fitness levels.

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Time: 10:00am-2:00pm

Hours: 4

Miles: 27

Cost: $65 adult

Hollywood Trails:

Eco-Adventure KEWL Bicycle Tours

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