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Hollywood Trails: Eco-Adventure KEWL Bicycle Tours (HT4)... in sunny Hollywood, Florida, provides 4 guided tour through mazes of history, fun faq and culture. Depending on which tour, active travelers will bike between 6 and 30 miles along our safe streets, beautiful beaches and eco-mangroves in Hollywood. In our oasis of sun and fun we will veer off the beaten-path to investigate parks, museums, art galleries, historic architecture, famous movie locations (Marley & Me, The Hours...) and more...


... is to provide an adventurous, quality experience

that enhances location memories and leaves vibrant longlasting impressions of the City. And to promote the benefits of eco-friendly bicycle tours that gives riders tips on going MORE green.

Call to book your ECO-Adventure tour: 202.375.0283 or email: hollywoodtrails@gmail.com

Las Olas Trails: ECO-Adventure Bicycle Tours & Rentals

If you are interested in bike tours or rentals of the Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale area, we do that too. Check out Las Olas Trails (LOT5) and come learn about a City started in the late-1800's, sometimes refered to as the Venice of America., LOT5 is located in the W fort lauderdale hotel.


In 2009, HT4 proudly raised $340 to find a CURE during the Multiple Sclerosis annual ride to Key Largo. A wonderful event that requires biking 150 miles round-trip. And even though this was our first event of this magnitude our team did it.

In 2010, HT4 & LOT5 proudly raised $900 to find a CURE and the CAUSE for Multiple Sclerosis. This year the 25th annual ride to Key Largo was rained out the second day, but what a wonderful event. This time our team biked 75 miles down, since the second day was cancelled. A Great and Worthy cause!

Hollywood Trails:

Eco-Adventure KEWL Bicycle Tours

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